FIWARE Cosmos Orion-Flink Connector

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The Cosmos Generic Enabler enables easier BigData analysis over context, integrated with some of the most popular BigData platforms.

Cosmos is a FIWARE Generic Enabler. Therefore, it can be integrated as part of any platform “Powered by FIWARE”. FIWARE is a curated framework of open source platform components which can be assembled together with other third-party platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions.

You can find more info at the FIWARE developers siteand the main FIWARE site.

The complete list of FIWARE GEs and Incubated FIWARE GEs can be found at the FIWARE Catalogue

What is Cosmos?

The Cosmos BigData Analysis GE is a set of tools that help achieving the tasks of Streaming and Batch processing over context data. These tools are:

As the state of the real world changes, the entities representing your IoT devices are constantly changing. Big data analysis allows for the study of datasets coming from your context data which are too large for traditional data-processing software. You can apply predictive analysis or user behaviour analytics to extract meaningful conclusions as to the state of your smart solution and bring value to your solution.